Virginia Kidnapping Laws

Virginia Kidnapping Laws:

In Virginia, “abduction” and “kidnapping” are used interchangeably (Law, uses these 2 terms synonymously), to go to the most dangerous and serious crime present in the country right now also was one of the problem at some time but have got versatility now. The misdeed occurs when a person (by force, menacing, or duplicity/fraud and without justification/explanation) takes, transports, or detains any other individual with the intention from these which have been listed below:

  • Deprive a soul of their individual’s freedom/autonomy;
  • By force or conceal them from another fellow/man-kind, authority (having power), or institution;


  • Subject them to forced labor or services or compels them to do work for them mostly done with children and that’s called child labor.

Alarming/Scarring Definition

Under the State’s statute, intimidation includes the following:

  • Wreck, ruin, Destroy or torpedo;
  • Hide, keep out of side, keep hidden;
  • Seize, annex;
  • Threatening to withhold a passport, or other governmental ID or other important documents;


  • Frightening/scaring to report someone’s illegal presence in United State.

At Ricochet, Virginia’s Kidnapping:

Comprehension/knowing the exact components/elements or parts of any statute is critical: It’s a best task left to a trained legal practitioner, but the one who is not a lawyer can obtain important and even confidential information by referencing a “plain English” guide to the motion/dictum.

Abduction Allegation/Indictment:

Generally, it is:

Not applicable to person who impose law or enforces it is in performance of their duties.

Abduction with the intent/aim or objective to perform extortion or for an immoral purpose:

When someone just abduct a soul under the circumstances been given below:

  • intent to extort money:
  • To defile the person:
  • For prostitution and the victim is less than 16 years old gender doesn’t make any difference;
  • For prostitution, regardless of victim’s age;


  • Aim of manufacturing child pornography.

Threatening or mean-looking in such abduction:

Anyone who threatens or assists with an abduction with purpose/aim to extort or for some illegal purpose can be charged with this felony/wrong-doing.

Possible Penalties or Punishment:

From the shortcoming-murder rule, if a murder just happens during the kidnapping process, the defendant can be charged with first-degree murder of victim (will be then punished for 20 years of life in jail or the whole life).

Other then stated otherwise, an abduction accusation is penalized/punished as a Class 5 misdeed; where the 5th class felonies carry a prison term of 1-10 years. With the jury/judges or court’s discretion: not more than 1 year of jail and/or a fine up to 2 thousand and 5 hundred bucks.

  • If committed by parents of abducted soul and punishable/penalized as contempt of court/justice in any pending proceeding and the mortal who is abducted is removed from the state by the abducting parent, then the offense is of 6th Class felony.
  • If enact performed by the father/mother or both of the abducted soul and punishable and teach them a lesson as contempt of court in any pending proceeding, then that misdeed is a first-Class misdemeanor, in addition to contempt of court.

Possible Defenses

If thinking of in justice arrives in your case then do the following steps to make your self safe from the punishment.

  • Consent, Assent or Accord.
  • Mistake of fact
  • Exaction, arm-twisting orDuress