How much is a ticket for running a red light in Virginia?

Va. Code § 46.2-833: Failing to Follow Traffic Lights in Virginia

It does not matter if you got stopped for speeding or you crossed the red light, getting a Virginian traffic ticket is a matter you don’t want to get yourself in. In order to do so, you need to be familiar with Virginia Point Breakdown. The state of Virginia has made certain traffic violation laws, which carry demerit point values. Based on the gravity of the violation, the points will vary accordingly. The range of the values varies from 3-6 points. Unfortunately, the violation remains on the record till a time frame of 3-11 years.

Breakdown of Virginia Traffic Tickets and Their Point Values:

  1. driving without a Virginia driver’s license, making an improper U-turn, caught speeding at 1-9 MPH more than the speed limit, improper passing, etc. offender will receive 3 demerit points
  2. Unsafe passing, reckless driving, improper signal, following too closely, etc. offender will receive 4 demerit points
  3. Racing, DUI, driving when the license is suspended, speeding more than 80 MPH, manslaughter, etc. offender will receive 6 points

Do not Make the Mistake Of Running A Red Light In Virginia

The state of Virginia is strict with all Virginian citizens found to violate the set traffic laws. The law enforcement authorities will impose a red light ticket on those caught running a red light. This ticket will be considered as a 4-demerit violation for any Virginian found not following the traffic signal rules. Apart from that, the offender will also be charged for violating the other related traffic laws such as reckless driving, manslaughter, not stopping for a pedestrian, and many more breaches that can happen from crossing a red light.

A 4-demerit violation can lead to your record status as a ‘habitual offender’.  The offender’s driver’s license can be revoked or suspended. The offender will be liable to pay a hefty fine so that they can get back their driving privileges.

The state of Virginia’s Commonwealth can impose a fine of

  1. Fine of no more than $50.00. Apart from that a processing fee of $62.00 if the offender is found eluding a traffic control tool.
  1. Fine of no more than $100.00. Apart from that a processing fee of $62.00 if the offender is found disobeying the traffic lights. This is also applicable for those who made a right on red or failed to stop at the red light. It is also possible that the offender is charged for other breaches that can happen from running a red light.

Get your Virginian Lawyer to Represent You!

Although these traffic infractions are fairly minor, your driving record showing too many of them will result in you paying a higher insurance rate. Your driver’s license is also at a risk of being suspended or revoked. Those Virginian drivers having a record of traffic violations will face a rough time dealing with future charges.  A skilled and knowledgeable Virginian lawyer representing you will know how you should handle all your traffic-related charges. You must be well aware of all your options on how to tackle your offences. Your lawyer will make sure you are.