3rd degree sex offenses for Maryland

Third-Degree Episode 3-307 In Sexual Crime

A third-degree sexual offense is contrary to a prohibition similar to second-degree sexual offenses in relation to the circumstances surrounding the offense, but sexual action is differentiated using sexual intercourse – instead of sexual action. However, sexual offense in a 1/3 diploma includes a number of cases of sexual acts that do not meet the requirements of a 2d or first-degree sexual offense.

If a person (1) has sexual contact with a person (2) without consent of the patient (3), he is a third degree sexual offense and one of the following occurs:

The guilty uses a lethal weapon or a physical substance that believes it is a deadly weapon or a lethal weapon;

The offender, even when dealing with sexual offenses, causes severe physical damage to the victim or other characters;

The perpetrator threatens the victim or causes the victim to suffer the victim, the victim or anyone else whom he considers to be related to the victim, to suffer excessive physical damage or to be kidnapped; or

Even when the criminal is committing sexual offense, he is supported and anesthetized using any other character. Section 3-307 (a) (1).

In addition, the criminal (1) considers sexual involvement in a 1/3 diploma, whether it has had sexual intercourse with the victim and (2) the victim is mentally defective, mentally inadequate or physically helpless. 3) The perpetrator must know or know exactly when the offense occurred. Section 3-307 (a) (2).

The sexual offense in the 0.33 diploma also includes situations in which one person (1) has had sexual relations with a victim younger than 14 years (2), the offender is at least four years older than the patient. Section three-307 (a) (three).

If one (1) is 14 or 15 years old vintage (2) and the person who carries out the action is 21 years old or older, he / she is guilty of a sexual offense of 1/3 degree. . Section three-307 (a) (four).

Finally, while a third-degree sexual offense is considered (1), a person who is at least 21 years old (2) has vaginal sexual intercourse with a 14 or 15 year old patient. Section three-307 (a) (five).

If an individual violates this stage, then the woman or man is responsible for 1/3-degree sexual offense – up to ten years in prison. Section 3-307 (b)

Department of Combating First-Degree Sexual Crimes 3-311

If a person tries to commit a sexual offense in the first diploma, he or she is responsible for a prison that can punish life styles in prison. The third part is 311.

Department of Combating Secondary Sexual Crimes 3-312

If any person attempts to commit a sexual offense to a second degree, this man or woman is responsible for a criminal convicted of up to 20 years in prison. Third part 312.

How Can a Maryland Sexual Crime Advocate Help?

Maryland is very hard on sex crimes. The sexual offender includes the results of the heavy penalties and the duration of the prison, in addition to registering for the Sex Offender Register. If you are accused of sexual assault, please contact the Maryland sexual crime legal professionals these days.