Driving Without Registration in Virginia Richmond Virginia

As per the department of motor vehicle Virginia and the Virginia code section 46.2 – 600,  you have to register the title of your motor vehicle, truck, tractor, motorcycle or semitrailer before taking in out on the roads of Richmond Virginia.  The individuals can register their vehicles at any of the customer service centers of the department of motor vehicle Virginia.

As stated in the Virginia code section 46.2 – 600:

“Except as otherwise provided in this chapter every person who owns a motor vehicle, trailer or semitrailer, or his authorized attorney-in-fact, shall before it is operated on any highway in the Commonwealth, register with the Department and obtain from the Department the registration card and certificate of title for the vehicle. Individuals applying for registration shall provide the Department with the residence address of the owner of the vehicle being registered.  A business applying for registration shall provide the Department with the street address of the owner or lessee of the vehicle being registered.”

Driving without registering your motor vehicle in Richmond Virginia is prohibited by the law and Virginia code has clearly mentioned the terms of driving, registration of motor in their Virginia code section 46.2-613 as “Offenses relating to registration, licensing, and certificates of title; penalties”

Virginia is known as the 6th strictest state for its motor vehicle laws as the law enforcement authorities believe that enforcing the proper law would reduce the number of an accident which is happening due to the carelessness of the drivers on the highways of Virginia.

When new citizen shifts to Virginia they often complain about these harsh driving rules and their following penalties, however, the law enforcement authorities and the legislative bodies argue that the laws are constituted to provide healthy living opportunities for the citizens. Furthermore, they even add follows reasons:

  1. For ensuring the safety of the citizens
  2. Due to vast differences in the infrastructure of the state
  3. Political benefits: Strict laws are sign of involvement in security of citizen which will keep a positive image of the legislators
  4. Financial benefits to state: Nearly every year many people are given a reckless driving ticket. The fine for reckless driving is huge

What will happen if I am caught driving a vehicle without registration?

  1. If you are caught driving without a registration the officer will stop you and he will even fine you for driving without registration
  2. The penalty for driving without registering the motor vehicle is five times more than the cost of registration
  3. The individual will be asked to appear in the court
  4. And if you again fail to pay your ticket within a period of 40 days you will be charged with extra fine which will be submitted by the court to the collection department

What is the requirement Vehicle Registration in Virginia?

To register your vehicle in Virginia, the driver must show the following proofs

  1. Title of the Virginia vehicle
  2. Liability insurance
  3. Renewal of the Uninsured Motor Vehicle (UMV) fee